Young woman feels pain while brushing teeth. time for root canal treatment

What is Endodontics

Endodontics is that branch of dentistry that deals with the pulp of the tooth that is the most delicate part of the whole tooth as it houses all the nerves and the blood vessels. Applying the techniques of endodontics in dentistry is generally known as root canal treatment.
Normally people have a very vague idea about endodontics, and have no idea why it is needed, and what the benefits and negatives of successful endo treatment are.

Root canal treatment took away the pain. Young woman smilingWhen is endo treatment needed?

Endo treatment is needed, when the pulp is inflamed, often very painful experience. The ways to solve it are two root canal treatment and tooth extraction. While tooth extraction is fast solution, it has a lot of long-term effects, all of them negative. Without teeth, chewing is hampered, and even impossible, and would you really want a hole in your smile?
This is where endodontics comes – root canal treatment removes the causes for the pain, that is the inflamed pulp, and seals the root canals. This is a long procedure, half the teeth have more than one canal, and they have to be treated separately, but once properly done, one can keep the tooth for decades to come.
But beware – poorly done endo will often result in gangrene, and inflammation of the bone surrounding the tooth. This is the most painful condition that general dentistry deals with. The solution is once again properly done root canal treatment.

A doctor is planning root canal treatment on a PC
So, in a nutshell, properly done root canal treatment will solve a painful problem, prevent future complications and save the patients tooth for years to come.