Invisalign® aligners

Invisalign aligners are very comfy and effective orthodontic treatment, that would transform your smile in usually less than a year. Create a stunning first impression with a shiny new smile.

The company behind  Invisalign®

 The company behind the Invisalign® aligners is  Align Technology. It was founded by five like-minded people back in 1997 in Redwood city, California. Now it is a global producer of medical grade devices, changing lives and smiles of millions of people. Align Tech combines 3D digitized planning and treatment and 3D mass printing, based on advanced biomechanical principles. For 24 years on the market that revolutionized orthodontic treatment. Now more than 10 million patients have benefited from Invisalign aligners treatment, and tens of thousands of dental practises have gone to the next level of digital dentistry and are now certified providers. Why should you choose Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign aligners treatment. MK. Crowding. Smiling young woman before and after 44 weeks of treatment.

This transformation took only 44 weeks

What are Invisalign aligners?


Invisalign aligners are a modern way of fixing crooked teeth. It provides fast and satisfactory results, while all the shortcomings of traditional methods are eliminated. The treatment is shorter, the system is virtually invisible and for the patients it is way easier to clean their teeth. 

Invisalign aligners are clear, almost invisible and very comfortable trays. Nor metal wires and braces would hide your smile. But the biggest benefit for the patient over braces is the fact that aligners can be removed when needed. Toothbrushing and proper oral hygiene are way easier, faster and more effective this way. So, no risks of cavities and other future complications due to the treatment. Also, patients are not required to visit their dentist that often, and follow-up visits are very short. 

Last, but not least – Invisalign aligner treatment is much shorter, and lasts six to nine months in many cases, instead of years. So you will get the smile you desire much faster.  Are you an Invisalign aligners candidate?

Invisalign aligners treatment at Deckoff Dental


  1. We start with a free initial check-up.  In our dental practice we will introduce you to the Invisalign aligner system. – what to expect, how much would it cost for you, show you showcase treatments and what you can achieve.
  2. If you decide to start the treatment we will set another appointment. We will take some pictures and impressions of your teeth. We send these materials to the Align Tech headquarters. There, the Invisalign technition will digitalize them and will develop a treatment plan. Align tech offers different treatment plans, suitable for different goals and cases. And the chosen plan determines the price treatment. See the different plans here   
  3. Once we sent the materials and issued the so-called initial prescription, Align Tech would convert the impressions into 3D digital setup. This allows for digital analysis and planning of the treatment – which results in faster and more predictable treatment. 🙂 Best of all you will get to see the final result before even starting.  
  4. When you apporove the treatment plan, the aligners would be produced and delivered in a week or so. Then, at the next visit, we will fulfill all the requirements so you can start your treatment. From thereon, you should just wear your aligners – the only requirement for the aligners to work.  
  5. Usually, in less than a year the treatment will finish. And you will be happy,  and more beautiful with a new, confident smile, without having to bear the discomfort of traditional treatment.

Why choose the Invisalign aligners system?

  • С Invisalign алайнери ще имате красиво подредени зъби за значително по-кратко време в сравнение с класическото ортодонтско лечение с брекети.
  • Invisalign aligners will provide the beautiful smile you wanted in much shorter time that traditional methods such as braces
  • The system looks better, is more comfortable and more predictable for the final outcome
  • Invisalign aligners are comfortable  – no metal wires that hurt your lips and cheeks
  • More  comfortable while eating – you can eat everything you want without worries.
  • No extra effort for your oral hygiene – just brush and floss the way you are used to.
  • ALign Tech has developed and patented a special material SmartTeack. It is available only for use with Invisalign aligners. It is it that provides unmatched precision, comfort and speed during the treatment 
  • Over 10 million patients already trusted Align Tech, chose Invisalign and now enjoy their new smiles!

Invisalign aligners treatment MS. Posterior crossbite and biprotrusion. Smiling gal before and after 21 weeks of treatment.

Berofe and after – 15 weeks into the Invisalign treatment 

Future technology, available here and now

In the digital era, not only visualization and manufacturing is done by machines. Align tech has developed a self-learning  artificial intellect that can self-learn, so every treatment is better, faster and more effective than the previous one. Despite the fact that during the treatment process you see only the face of your Invisalign provider, the whole treatment is the result of a huge team based in different countries. All have only one goal – your perfect smile 

At Deckoff Dental we provide the best and most advanced service so we will only use the Invisalign aligners system for our orthodontic cases. Dr Stoyan Deckoff is a certified Invisalign provider. Besides Sofia, Dr Stoyan Deckoff checks patients in Lovech and Montana as well. Let us show you how beautiful your smile can be.