Dental Implants

Dental implants – before you decide if this treatment is right for you, you must be informed what are they and how can they help you

Smiling middle-aged woman. Dental implants treatment will restore your self-esteem

Dental implants would restore your self-confidence and youthful looks

Why are dental implants an irreplaceable part of dental medicine nowadays?

Dental implants are titanium devices in the form of a cone, that are integrated in the jaw bone. The end goal of the treatment is to restore the missing teeth. The implant will replace the missing dental root. Once the implant fully integrates with the bone, it can carry a single crown or be a part of a bone. And what you get is a healthy, naturally looking smile.

For how long would a dental treatment last?

The traditional treatment lasts for a few months. The dental implant goes through a process called osseointegration. It is of paramount importance for titanium to fully integrate with the bone, for optimal stability. Usually, the process lasts about six to seven months. Once this is over, the next phase of the treatment begins. Whether it would be a crown, a bridge, or denture – thi depends on the specific situation and the approved treatment plan. Of course, one of the main factors of osseointegration is the quality of the dental implant. Dental implants, produced using the latest technologies with utmost quality control will highly increase the chance of successful treatment in the long run. This is why we, the Deckoff Dental team have chosen the Bredent brand as our implants provider.

 What will you feel when you get an implant?

Dental implant is the treatment that is as close to a natural tooth as possible. Once the process is finished, the patient should take care of them as he does with any normal tooth. Implants look completely natural, but the patient will not feel when food is too hot or cold.  

Pre-planing dental implant treatment on a tablet

Dental implants must be planned carefully. This is why 3D scans are vital part of the treatment process 

Why choose dental implants

 Implants have some distinct advantages when it comes down to restoring one or more missing teeth. Here are some of them:


Implants behave like natural, healthy teeth

Once we finish the preatment, you will receive your old smile back. You will eat, brush floss and feel like you did once before.


Implants are long term solution

 Bridges last about 5 years. The practise is to change your dentures every two. Implants will usually serve you a lifetime. Titanium will fully integrate into the bone – all you just have to do is take care of them. We will tell you how  


Dental implants stop bone loss

 Bone loss is a natural physiological process, and patients will lose bone with time. When a patient loses a tooth , though, that accelerates. You can lose up to 25% of the volume of the bone in only a year after tooth extraction. Implants will significantly slow the process

Benefits for neighbouring teeth

When you lose a tooth, all the others move. Usually, the one in front, and especially the one behind would try to take up on the free space. The opposing one, on the other jaw, would become even taller. This is a slow, but steady process, and hard to be reversed. Of you postpone your treatment, you will have to spend more time and money to fix it

Lower risks of gum problems

The more teeth you lose, the higher the risk of gum inflammation, known as periodontitis. And periodontitis is the number one cause for tooth loss in elderly people. So, losing a tooth starts a vicious circle, and that never ends well. 

Better face aesthetics

Besides chewing, teeth are responsible for the whole facial appearance. They set the height of the lower third of the face. They provide volume for the cheeks, and prevents them from sagging inside the mouth. Restoring implants would not only replace your tooth, but return the youthful look of your face.  

Better speech function

Your teeth are essential for clear speech. When you lose them, this would affect some of the sounds you make. Dental implant would fix even this problem 

Dr Albena Bozhkova explaining details about thew forthcoming dental implants treatment

Dental implants treatment requires careful planning and good communication between the dentist and the patient

Am I a dental implant candidate

Implants treatment is comparatively new treatment unlike most dental procedures that date long back in time. Despite that, only for a few decades, since this was commonly accepted practice, dental implantology is really catching up. At the moment 98% of dental implants are successful. Almost everyone can benefit from them. Only an X-ray and 3D scan is needed. Book an appointment and d-r Dacheva and d-r Bozhkova will plan your treatment.