In our dental clinic in Sofia we aim to provide personal touch, while using the latest dental equipment and treatment methods. We have all graduated from the oldest and the most prestigious dental faculty in the country – the dental faculty with Medical university Sofia. Our aim is to restore your health and make you smile again. And we will put the time and effort to get you there!


Invisalign aligners

This is the most contemporary way to get your teeth straight. Aligners are clear trays that you have to change every week. They would gradually push your teeth in the desired direction. They are almost invisible, much more comfortable than the traditional methods and usually results are achieved much faster. Read more about clear aligners here

Dr Deckoff, Invisalign provider, smiling with hands crossed. Smiling patient is pointing at him while holding a sign, saying: "Genius at work"

Smiles are honored in our dental practise in Sofia

Oral surgery

Do you need an implant, sinus lift or bone transplant? Do you need to take out a wisdom tooth, buried deeply in the lower jaw, that causes you problems? In our dental clinic we can help with these complicated operations, and would provide the necessary post – operative care. Read what oral surgery can do for you?


Complex prosthetic and dental rehabilitation treatments

Sometimes, for a desirable and stable outcome it would require the whole dentition to be treated. That would mean that a complex treatment plan is done before even starting. 2D and 3D digital design of the  future smile, temporary crowns and bridges are parts of the treatment. The result would change not only your smile, but often – your life.

Dr. Bozhkova discusses complex implant treatment with a patient

X rays and 3D scans are indispensable tools in modern denstistry

Root canals

Sometimes, when an infection reaches the dental pulp, the only solution is a root canal treatment. It is of a huge importance for the treatment to be finished properly. Thus, the pain will disappear, and the risk of future complications will be lower. Future complications result in the tooth breaking or bone inflammation. Learn more about the importance of properly conducted root canal treatments.

Other services in dental clinic in Sofia

In our dental clinic in Sofia you would find help for the most casual procedures such as dental fillings, crowns, bridges, teeth cleaning or dental consultation. You can learn more about each procedure by looking at the pages devoted to them.


Dr. Deckoff and Dr. Bozhkova-Dekova pose with t-shirts saying - Dental medicine is our superpower.

Dentistry is our superpower