Often, the smile is the first thing others notice in us, it is, so to say, our business card. Hence, the understandable desire for a beautiful teeth. This urge was the reason for the first orthodontic appliances.

The classical orthodontic treatments result in a long process, lasting for years, causing discomfort, and unfortunately, not very attractive appearance. Thankfully, there is a way to achieve the desired goal, without the shortcomings of the classical treatments

In Deckoff dental we always strive to offer the most comfortable and effective service to our patients. This is why for our orthodontic cases we offer exclusively the Invisalign® aligners, and Dr Deckoff is a certified provider

But what are aligners

Aligners are a solution for straightening teeth. It is often the fastest an most comfortable way for orthodontic treatment. And the trays are almost invisible.  Born at the dawn of the century, offered by Invisalign® technologies – the company that introduced aligner treatment to the world.

The aligners are almost invisible traces, which are very convenient to wear. They show your natural smile, even during the treatment. Unlike braces, aligners can be easily removed during meals, thus helping personal mouth hygiene and immensely lowering the risk of future dental complications. During the treatment, you are not required to spend hours in the dental office almost every month. And best of all, the treatment last a couple of times shorter, usually about six months.

Here is how your treatment would go
  1. You get an initial free check-up. You get a detailed view of the system and what to expect from the Invisalign® treatment
  2. If you decide to take the step to an even more beautiful smile, we would take dental impressions and will do a smart photoshoot, all needed for the orthodontic analysis.
  3. All the data will be sent to the Invisalign® headquarters. Once the analysis is ready, a 3D simulation of your treatment will be made. Oh, yes, you will be able to see the final result even before starting
  4. Once you approve the treatment plan, the trays will be manufactured and youstart the treatment. All you need to do is to wear them.
  5. You will get your perfect smile in months – without any trace of discomfort or worry in the meanwhile

All this is possible only because of Invisalign® technologies – the company that introduced to the world market. The company, that gifted over 7 million people even more beautiful smiles. The company that patented the SmartTrack material, used ONLY in Invisalign® aligners, and is the reason for the unsurpassable precision, speed and comfort while moving teeth. Even though the face of the Invisalign you see is the one of the certified provider, behind every treatment is a huge team of professionals located in different countries, devoted only to provide you with the perfect smile.

If this is not enough, here are some more reasons why you should choose the Invisalign® treatment
The treatment is fast – you shouldnt be losing years to get a smile you can have im months
The Invisalign® traces are comfy – no metal braces causing pain and discomfort

If you want a perfect smile in less than a year, without any compromise, you have no choice but the Invisalign® aligners.

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