Aligners are a method for straigtening teetth. They are the most comfortable and fastest way to achive this. And, on top of that, are almost invisible.  They were developed at the dawn of the century by the company behind the Invisalign brand – argubly the most popular brand on the market.
The aligners are almost invisible trays, that are very comfortable to wear, and are barely noticable.


The aligners have a few distinctive pros compared to the traditional orthodontic treatments. Unlike braces, they can be removed when needed ( usually during meals and teeth cleaning ) allowing for much better oral hygiene, thus reducing the risk of cavities or perio complications. 

Aligners are way more comfortable. Made from patients dental impressions, they fit perfectly to the teeth, and are made of thin plastic material. The treatment is usually a few times shorter, as well



The aligners allow patients to take them off when needed. But the patient has to wear them 20-22 hours a day, so if the patient tends to forget them, they might not work.

How would the treatment go


An impression from the patient’s mouth is taken. It is used for a treatment plan – how will exactly the treatment go and how long it would last. If you choose one of the bigger companies, like Align Technology, the makers of the Invisalign® aligners, you would be able to see a complete digital simulation of the treatment. After the treatment is approved, the aligners are manufactured, and you just have to wear them, to get your new smile


Which brand should I go for


There are a few companies that offer aligner treatment. Some dental technicians manufacture  them in their labs. But there is a reason why “ Invisalign® “ is de facto synonym of the clear aligner treatment – Align Technology not only started it all, but they provide unquestioned quality

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