Our Philosophy

At our Clinic we provide personalized service, using the latest techniques and equipment. We are first-class dentists and graduated the Sofia medical University – the best and oldest dental school in Bulgaria. Our goal is to make you healthier and happier. With great care and devotion we aim to give you beautiful smiles!

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment, or endodontics, is very important yet sometimes underestimated part of dentistry. Teeth roots are as important as are roots for trees. Poorly treated roots can and will often lead to  complications, that are expensive and painful to cure. Sometimes the extraction of the tooth might be the only cure.

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning might be often seen as a cosmetic procedure, but has huge health benefits for the teeth. The tartar and dental plaque cause chronic inflammation of the gums, that will result in shaky teeth and even teeth loss. This can be easily prevented, with a procedure that makes your teeth healthier, cleaner and whiter.

Dental prosthetics

Sometimes, tooth extraction is inevitable. This is when dental prosthetics steps in. Be it a crown, a bridge or dentures, missing teeth can be replaced, thus restoring a beautiful smile, younger look, and most importantly – mouth functionality.