Price list


Procedure Price
Dental check-up BGN 20.00
Dental check-up+cleaning and polishing BGN 90.00
Anesthesia BGN 10.00
Tooth fluorization (per tooth) BGN 5.00
Filling (one surface) BGN 70.00
Filling (two surfaces) BGN 80.00
Filling (three or more surfaces) BGN 90.00
Root post and core BGN 70.00
Pinlay BGN 130.00
Biological treatment of the tooth pulp BGN 30.00
Root canal treatment incisor or canine BGN 100.00
Root canal treatment premolar BGN 140.00
Root canal treatment molar BGN 200.00
Re-treatment of a incisor or canine BGN 110.00
Re-treatment of a premolar BGN 160.00
Re-treatment of a molar BGN 220.00
Endo build-up BGN 40.00
Extraction of a tooth with one root BGN 50.00
Extraction of a tooth with two or more roots BGN 70.00
Extraction of a wisdom tooth by a surgeon BGN 150.00
Extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth by a surgeon BGN 300.00
Care for post operative wounds and dentitio difficilis BGN 20.00
Crowns and bridges form ceramic metal (per tooth) BGN 200.00
Dentures BGN 250.00
Home tooth whitening BGN 250.00
Tooth silanization (per tooth) BGN 30.00
Teeth Cleaning ( teeth polishing with Air Flow included) BGN 70.00
Teeth polishing with Air Flow BGN 20.00
Wrinkles soothening and lip augumentation with hyaluronic acid BGN 300.00

This price list covers the main procedures only. Price is subject to change  according to treatment needs and without prior notice.