Dr Kremena Bekiarova

Dr. Kremena Bekiarova

Dr. Kremena Bekiarova


Medical University, Sofia
Dental faculty

Email Kremena: [email protected]
Phone: +359895795735

Dr Kremena Bekiarova is an all around specialist, but if we had to choose her three strongest skills, that would be implantology, prosthetic treatments, and, of course, orthodontics. All braces and kid removable appliances cases are treated by her.

 Dr Kremena Bekiarova always wanted to help people, so she felt drawn to medical studies from a very young age. She graduated from the oldest foreign language school in Bulgara – The Lovech FLS. And between 1999 – 2006 she studied and graduated from the Dental Faculty of Medical University in Sofia.


 Dr Bekiarova has more than 15 years experience nowadays. Right after digital technologies stepped into dentistry, she has been working in this field. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in using digital technologies for planning and executing complex dental prosthetic and implantological  treatments. Digital dentistry allows for much better precision and aesthetics and functionally more optimal results. Unfortunately these technologies are not part of the everyday routine of the dental office, so we are very proud to have such an experienced specialist in this field working for Deckoff Dental.


Dr Bekiarova is also indispensable with her expertise in the fields of orthodontics. She would take even on the hardest braces cases. Her initial training was two years of postgraduate course with dr. Yoav Mazor, May 2016- March 2018, Plovdiv-Bulgaria, but she keeps attending hands-on and online educational events to stay up to date with the newest trends. Braces are still the first choice for most dentists practising orthodontics. The reasons are the  optimal ratio between price and efficacy, the lack of age limit for treatment, and, besides all, the fact that braces are proven in time to just work. Dr Bekiarova treats her younger patients with classic removable appliances – a very good choice for anyone with mixed dentition. If the treatment starts on time, the results are really great and long-lasting.

Whatever the reason, though –  orthodontic treatment for you or your child, implants or prosthetics, Dr Bekiarova is a specialist that you can trust


Orthodontic removable appliances
Complex dental treatments

Education & training


Graduated from Medical University Sofia


Postgraduate course in orthodontics dr. Yoav Mazor


Implant number 100