Dr. Stoyan Deckoff

Dr. Stoyan Deckoff


Medical University, Sofia
Dental faculty

Email Stoyan : stoyan.deckoff@deckoff-dental.com
Phone: +359895795735

Dr Stoyan Deckoff, DMD, is the co-founder of the family dental practise Deckoff Dental. Besides the day to day dental work, he is also in charge of management of the clinic. His goal is to constantly evolve and optimise the clinic, so it can better address the needs and demands of our patients 


Stoyan Deckoff, DMD, is a second generation dentist, so his choice to pursue a career in this field came naturally. In 1997, he was accepted in both ( at that time) dental faculties at that time, but chose the Sofia one, where he graduated in 2003 


The combination of function and aesthetics is of a great importance for Dr Stoyan Deckoff, and comes on top of the list when deciding the treatment plan. This is why one of his interests is endodontics – this part of dental medicine, devoted to treating inflammation of the root canal systems. These are usually the most painful processes in day to day dentistry. While easing the pain is the short term goal, keeping the tooth for years to come requires careful and time consuming treatment, that would ensure the tooth won’t be extracted. Dr Deckoff constantly takes part in online and face to face endo courses, this is why he would take on most of the root canal treatments here. 

Dr Deckoff,  ever since he was a kid, has been very interested in maths, physics and digital technologies.

Just like every other part of our life, they are rapidly becoming an irreplaceable part of dental treatments, and especially in digital orthodontics. This is how, some 20 years ago, the clear aligners were born. These are orthodontic appliances  that would ensure faster, more convenient and predictable way to line up your teeth. Dr Deckoff is certified by a few companies to work with their systems of clear aligners, but his first choice are the Invisalign aligners, the oldest and most proven and successful company for clear aligners in the world. They are the official clear aligners choice of the US professional sports leagues and teams, and are first choice of many showbusiness stars 

Dr Deckoff strives for a personal touch in his relationship with his patients, as he does his best to make them as comfortable and secure in the office, as possible.


Endo treatment
Tooth Extraction
Cavity Filling



Graduated from Medical University Sofia


Co-founded Deckoff Dental


More than 15 years of experience