Dr. Irina Dacheva

Dr. Irina Dacheva


Medical University, Sofia
Dental faculty

Email Irina : info@deckoff-dental.com
Phone: +359895795735

Dr Irina Dacheva is the surgeon at Deckoff dental. She is the specialist that takes on the operations that require self-confidence, patience and precision – extractions of impacted and semi-impacted wisdom teeth, sinus lift, apical osteotomy and implants.

After she finished her secondary education in 1997, she decided to to take the path of dentistry, and graduated Medical University Sofia in 2003

Dr Irina Dacheva has a rich and diverse path in the journey that dental medicine is. Before becoming a certified oral surgeon by Medical University – Sofia in the period 2014 – 2017, she worked in the UK. She spent the period of 2011 – 2014 in different NHS clinics. The specifics of the work there taught her to be even more responsible, be calm under fire and be a team player. All of these traits are extremely important for her specialty.

Oral surgery is the oldest specialty in dental medicine, and is probably the mother of dentist as a whole, back in times when the treatment was taking out the hurting tooth. Now, times are very different, and many of the procedures not only aim to solve the imminent problem, but to assure the well-being of the patient long term. The specifics of oral surgery make it probably the most responsible specialty as well. The surgeon has a very low margin of error, very often the cases need urgent treatment, coolness and attention to detail are a must. Dr Irina Dacheva is all that and more – she really cares about her patients. She not only wants to finish the operation, but strives for the recovery of the patient to be as fast and comfy as possible.

If you want to be confident that you are in good hands, put your trust in Dr Irina Dacheva oral surgery’s abilities


Wisdom teeth extraction
Apical osetothomy
Sinus lift



Graduated from Medical University Sofia


Board-certified oral surgeon


More than 15 years of experience