Dr. Albena Bozhkova

Dr. Albena Bozhkova


Medical University, Sofia
Dental faculty

Email Albena : info@deckoff-dental.com
Phone: ++359897967200

Dr Albena Bozhkova-Deckova is co-founder of Deckoff Dental dental practise. She is the one that can change your smile from the ground up, so you will get the looks you always wanted. Even more – she is the specialist that would be responsible for a complete makeover for your teeth, based on pre-approved smile design. This is a technique that would not only improve your dental and occlusal function, but provides perfect aesthetics and maximum predictability as well.   


Dr Albena Bozhkova-Deckova’s choice to become a dentist was greatly influenced by her grandfather – Dr Ivalylo Iosofov. He used to be head dental officer, orofacial surgeon and a renowned dental professional overall in her hometown. She graduated from Medical University Sofia in 2012 and spent the first few years working alongside him. Such experience can kick-start your career, but to stay on top of her game she is constantly improving her knowledge in aesthetic dentistry, implantology and oral prosthetics. Constantly taking part in on-hand practical courses and international congresses, she introduces to her practise the latest, best and most predictable therapies and methods. 


Prosthetics is this part in dentistry that deals with planning and making of fixed or removable constructions, that aim to restore missing or broken teeth. When one or only a few are missing, it is usually a routine job that can be easily done at almost every dental practise. Whenever more teeth are lost, though, or all teeth suffer from tooth wear, to achieve a proper  result multidisciplinary planning surgical and orthodontic  treatment is required – wisdom teeth might have to be extracted and teeth to be aligned and implants put. 

But for all decisions – from the planning at the beginning, the digital smile design, the constructive decisions and the whole vision – this is done by one man. Someone, who has deep knowledge in temporal-mandibular and chewing function, who can envision the final result even before the start and has the patience and knowledge how to do it. In Deckoff Dental this is Dr Albena Bozhkova-Deckova.


If you want to turn back the time, to have your youth smile back, or even replace it with an even prettier one, you have to trust Dr Bozhkova’s professionalism.


Aesthetic dentistry
Smile Design
Crowns and Bridges



Graduated from Medical University Sofia


Co-founded Deckoff Dental


Participated in her 100’s dental course