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We are a small but close-knit team of dentists with a combined experience in dentistry of over fifty years. We each work in a different area of dentistry so that we can combine our knowledge and skills to offer the best treatment plans for our patients

Complete smile overhaul
Момиче с дентални алайнери Invisalign за деца


The fast, modern and comfortable and  way to straighten your teeth. Invisalgin® will deliver you the luxurious smile you deserve. Dr Stoyan Deckoff is one of the few dentists in Sofia that is certified to with the system. If you are ready for a treatment from the 21st century, don’t hesitate to ask.

Зъбен инплант - Деков дентал

Dental Implants

Implants are the last resour solution. When you lost your tooth, they are least evasive way to get your healthy smile back. The missin tooth root would b replaced with titanium one, and the restoration would be as close to the nature as possible. If you need to find dentists in Sofia, that would help you and calm you down – call us!


 With bonding, the shapes and sizes of the teeth are successfully changed, the gaps between them are filled, if necessary, and broken or chipped teeth are restored. In addition, with bonding, the color of the teeth can also be changed if it does not look aesthetically pleasing.

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